Another magnificent winter's morning and ebullient Receptionist in Paco Tovar greeted us for our Breakfast Meeting on 13th August.
General Announcements
We send our best wishes and support to Tina Hawter and wish her a speedy recovery.
A potential social event is being slated to the Ferguson Valley for mid October so keep watching the bulletins (both Peter's quick bits bulletin which are a sensational addition of our communications strategy, and The BL Weekly Listener where you will find more in depth discussion and details.
Your diaries should also be marked for our 40th Celebration on 20th February 2021, fuller details of which will start filtering through to the Club as they occur.
Paco updated members about our iconic project. 
Supermarkets may still be a possibility and Sabrina has offered to present details of the plan to 60 of her students who need to do community service. In conversation with St Vinnies and the Salvos it would appear that our timing could be perfect, both organisations have raised concerns that when the Jobseeker payments reduce they may get a run on supplies, and the double whammy of Christmas looms.
Stephen Foster played an absolute blinder as the manager of his footy themed fine session, which enabled each of our members to get a spell on the Oval. Doug Green was the enthusiastic penalty collector.
Green himself copped a fine for his role of "smiling assassin playing in front of goals".  He was also mentioned in dispatches as a major sponsor of the team, having generously paid his subs twice! 
Eastman was recognised as a 300-gamer, congratulated on his expertise as "the Niggler", getting into the facea of the opposition; Hinds was picked to go to the next level in the league; Jenkins copped a mention for getting his team through the tough games with his up-and-under style and Telfer, this season's captain,for his accurate read of the play and quietening of the opposition with his steely gaze.
Tovar has played off the bench for much of the season but his flair and flashes of brilliance are a must-see when he pulls on a Guernsey; Haines, also playing off the bench, has “immersed” herself in training, bringing about the highlight to our season. Warrand is great on the loose ball and in the pack, and recognised as the much-needed "tall timber" around the ground.  Kerr is the strategic man.  
David Kerr won the wine and Mike Jenkins drew the three of clubs, good for the golf course but not a winner of the cards.
We were very happy to welcome returning guest Margery and also Ben de Channeet, son of long-time past BL Rotarian Geoff De Channeet,   You are always welcome to join us.
Pic by Ian Telfer
Next week's meeting is a LUNCH meeting with guest speaker Jamie Challis talking about Tiny House project and also a visiting Rotarian. Please send your apologies to John Bridgham
The Final Charge in pictures: Peter is such a great Secretary!  Efficient and helpful :)