Winter Lunch a Winner
Great to see Stephen Craddock back and to welcome Graham Houghton's seriously talented wife Tyril to our lunchtime meeting.
Beef Cheeks or Barra and Salad - no decision needed :)
President Ian expanded on items which had been discussed at the morning's Board Meeting.  
Projects for 2020:
  • Give a Damn, Give a Can confirmed to be a school's only project for 2020 with Vic Puzey and Paco Tovar at the helm.  It's expected that this will run through September.
  • Four-Way Test, which is the school's oral presentation competition which culminates in a final to be held at District Conference in 2021, will run, coordinated by Wendy Perdon.
  • Tiny House Project: this is a joint Rotary in Bunbury Project which we will join through representative via Jamie Challis. 
    • The aim for our Club is to been seen on all promotional material and offer support via provision of labour, expertise and services and in-kind to reduce costs or provide materials at cost.
    • AccordWest will manage the project, Salvos are providing the land for the build and Don Punch via the State Government will pitch in $180,000.  
    • Jamie is providing the building expertise and will advise our Club when we are required.
    • Expected to get off the ground around December 2020.
Fundraising Project Status:
  • Op Shop Ball will be looked at to possibly run in 2021.
  • Recycling - Cash for Bottles opportunity:
    • Jamie Challis will organise a visit to one of the sites in Augusta which has commenced collecting bottles for recycling for a possible site visit to look a feasibility of our Club running such a scheme.
    • Ian Telfer to investigate the availability of a WAPRES shed for storage.
  • NMSHS Girls Academy Joint Rotary in Bunbury project
    • Ian, Doug and Fiona will attend initial meetings to assess feasibility etc.
Memories of Saturday Night Fever - 2018, how time flies!
Auspicing Opportunity
  • Fiona raised the subject of auspicing an upcoming event being proposed by a new community organisation.  
  • Auspicing involves our Club assisting with governance, mentoring and risk assessment / insurance of events.
  • Subject to member approval, this is a great way for the Club to have an involvement in community events and projects in a supportive role.
  • There is also an opportunity to attract new members, as each auspicing opportunity requires a Club member to be involved.
  • This will be an ongoing process potentially involving more than one project and members will have the opportunity to be involved.
District Club Checklist has been completed.  This will be presented to the District Governor when he visits the Club.
Raffles and Fines:
Jamie won the wine. Matt drew the Ace of Clubs but it was not the winning card. 
Stephen Craddock won fine of the day for his fine on Nev - for not fining him for the FIRST TIME EVER at a meeting!  Jamie fined himself for not being an apology - and we were all much happier seeing him not being an apology.
Freo fans were warned they are now targets no matter whether their team wins, draws or loses (yeah, good luck!) and the fine session degenerated into a free for all with Mike and Ian P being the biggest culprits.
Big Freo Winner
Please let Sec. Peter know if you are going to be an apology for this week's lunch meeting - we'll see you there if you don't let him know. :)
Packwash units for Timor Leste - Project Update
Back in April, Vic Puzey gave members an update on the Packwash Project for Timor Leste.  We have republished this update for those who may have missed it the first time round, and to indicate that the project continues to have our support as it evolves during the Pandemic and weather events which are adversely affecting our neighbours to the north.

We are supporting the project to get Packwash units into Timor Leste - Vic Puzey is our contact for this project.

One Dili site and 3 village sites have been selected. All are visited regularly by the clinic and have Catholic church connections. Howard believes the church will have plumbing personnel contacts who will be invaluable for low cost installation and monitoring services.

Our club will make a contribution of $5,000 to the project.  Our contact on the ground, Howard Mendel, is closely monitoring progress and will update Vic as necessary. Howard has asked for photo/video evidence of progress which can be sent to us for information and promotion purposes.

There are negotiations with a Chinese company underway, in the hope that they can provide further ready assembled future units which can be relatively cheaply transported directly to Dili.

So, with a few twists and turns along the way the project is making definite progress.

Give a Damn, Give a Can 2020 - Project Update

Members, please note that this is not a new report, but will ensure we keep in mind our commitment to GADGAC.

Project Coordinator Paco Tovar has advised that Give a Damn, Give a Can 2020 will be mothballed until a later date. 

There have been on-going discussions with schools but due to the delays with re-opening, it has been decided to put the project on hold until there is more clarity and certainty in the community.

Vic Puzey has advised that all the schools who usually take part in the project have been notified that we will not carry on with this next term but hope to run it later in the year.

Rotary Sail into Life
Ian Pigott gave us a rundown on the latest Sail into Life news.
Ian told us that it appears that COVID-19 restrictions might have put paid to our ambitions to have a season in 2020.
"It's just too small in the boat safely have two people sail," he explained.
"The two square meter rule simply cannot be followed, so it looks like it's all over for this season unless there is some easing of restrictions."
That having been said, there are still opportunities to do some maintenance, and it may be possible to get "Reel Time" into the water, and Ian will advise when busy bees will be held, probably around end of September and October.
Stay tuned.
From the previous edition:
Please welcome new Rotary Sail into Life coordinator Marissa Mosca to the program.
Previous coordinator Sharon Kavanagh says, "she is very competent, full of fun and will continue to run the program with fresh eyes and new energy."  High praise from Sharon.
Marisa came to talk to the club recently, and it was great to hear of her commitment and plans for the future.
We are looking forward to working with her on the project.
Collie Senior High School ANZAC Tour
Fundraising for Collie Senior High School's 2021 trip is gaining momentum, and Peter has more fundraising news ... 
More words from Peter Blurton
Update on the fundraiser:
"From time to time unkind people have noted that I (ed. note: that is Peter) can be full of POO.  Well unfortunately they are right, SHEEP POO THAT IS!   Last weekend the Anzac crew bagged 800 bags of sheep poo, for sale at $8.00 per bag.   I will be bringing some down next week if you would like to buy some, COD."  Please place your orders directly through to Peter.
"Could you take on a box of chocolates for your workplace?  I will drop them off. The chocolates are $1 each, you will not be responsible for any missing monies. " 
Background to the fundraiser: 
You may be aware that the Collie SHS runs an Anzac tour. This tour was implemented nearly 16 years ago when one of their students was murdered and the school needed to find a way to promote how good the school really is.  Since then there have been 8 tours to initially Gallipoli but recently due to unrest in Turkey, Vietnam, and next year the Western Front.
Our kids (years 11 and 12) have been given the honour this year of singing at the ANZAC ceremony at Villers Brettoneux - they will be singing Advance Australia Fair AND La Marseille. This is an amazing invitation further strengthening the bond given by the sacrifices of our young to liberate France in World War 1
We need to raise $150k. Students had to apply to go, they were picked on merit not capacity to afford.
Image result for villers bretonneux
Bogan Bingo Fundraiser - Postponed
The Board considered and approved this event as a fundraiser, however in light of the current social and economic environments, it was agreed to postpone the event until the worst is past.  Stay tuned to the Bulletin for further information.

"Wow what a great race - Oz Day 10k

"Well I came second on podium mixed results.  But I came first over the line for the Junior Men. Also beat my last year time by just over 15 mins.
Congratulations to Victoria for winning and Brydi in 3rd. Super proud Brydi.

"All of us juniors did a fantastic job, had a lot of fun doing it too.  I didn’t have family over this year, I’m sure I will next year.  So I would like to put a huge THANK YOU to everyone that has cheered me on and sent some photos and videos to mum.  You have all made me feel so welcome and loved.

"Thanks to everyone at home for watching and messaging."

Changeover Dinner 2020
The most significant event on the Rotary calendar, our changeover dinner was an elegant affair.
Welcome President Ian Telfer
President Bridget Green stepped down after a rather torrid year, somewhat interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our club thanks PP Bridget for her commitment to the Club as a time when world events impinged on our peace.
President Ian Telfer is now tasked with a mandate to encourage new members to come on board, with PP Doug Green taking the mantle of Membership Director, and mentoring less experienced members to take up positions of leadership to ensure a strong and active Club going forward.
A big thank you to PP David Kerr and his team at the Dolphin Discovery Centre for a lovely evening.
See our photo gallery, pictures by Secretary Peter Blurton.                                  
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